Doctor of Analytical Chemistry

CV gegevens

  • Plaats: Buitenland
  • Laatste update CV: 09-08-2019
  • Branche: CV Monteur / Loodgieter, Chemisch technoloog, Universitair
  • Werkniveau: Universitair
  • Werkervaring: 5 - 10 jaar ervaring
  • Dienstverband: Stage, Tijdelijk contract, Vast contract
  • Rijbewijs: Nee
  • Leeftijd: 37 (28-12-1981)
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Analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, nanochemistry

Gewenste functie

chemist, postdoctor, researcher and development, analyst., lecturer

Persoonlijke motivatie

 I am an Analytical Chemist with general interests in what contaminants we are exposed to, how we become exposed, and in finding the best methods for extraction, separation, enrichment, identification, determination of these contaminants (organic and inorganic) in different environmental, biological or technical samples (water, soil, sediment, air, food, consumer product) using several chemical instruments and techniques. I have a PhD in Chemistry from Dokuz Eylul University / Turkey; with excellent grade (4/4) as I also did in my master's degree from the chemistry department. As a part of my PhD study, I attended many courses related to chemistry which give me a solid background about the sources, fate, metabolization, chemical structure, separation (extraction), identification,

The title of my PhD thesis was "Levels of Organochlorine Compounds in Sediment and Fish from Eastern Aegean Coast and Use of Nanostructural Polymeric Sorbent for the Extraction of DDT".
I have had additional experiences in the analysis of agriculture products. Our team used to perform the analyzes for a large scale of food additives and residues which included mycotoxin, pesticides, antibiotics, mineral-metal analyzes and others. Really

As my CV illustrates, I incorporated into many projects in wish I deal with sample preparation and monitoring of organic as well as inorganic matter in seawater, sediment and fish samples. In order to perform all of these analyzes I used many analytical instruments included Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), GC-MS, HPLC, ICP-OES, UV-Vis Spectrophotometry.

I gained scholarships through all internships or my study was one of them as an international PhD student for 4 years from the Education Ministry of Turkish Government. Nowadays, I have gained DoRa Pluss scholarship_ Republic of Estonia, to perform research in the field of isolation, purification and potential applications or some marine natural products.

I have demonstrated excellence in all that I put my mind to. I convinced that I want to be a valuable addition to your work team. I hope to be given a chance, as I am confident that I am capable of meeting your expectations.

Thank you for considering my application.
With best regards,
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